About Us

My name is Tiffany; I the mother to three awesome kiddos and the wife to an amazing man. I opened KMC Creations Inc. because I always had the desire to design (everything) but went the business route in college. I find a sense of peace and stress relief when I am creating, whether it be clothing, digital images or sweet treats. My husband has always said "you should love what you do" and I can say I love what I do!


The backstory of the name. I took the first initial of my kids' first names K, M and C and chose 'creations' because there was no limitation on what I could create. For the logo, I decided to take some watercolor paintings from each kiddos kindergarten year and place them together for my logo. I didn't realize there was a heart within the logo until it was complete, which just made it that much better! 


I want to use this company to show my kids that nothing is impossible. 


Thank you for stopping by and learning about us!