Chamomile+Coconut Body Serum


Glow + hydrate your skin without feeling greasy!

this amazing body serum gives the smothered, silky and soft skin finish ever, while giving you a glowing aspect with a powder type feeling finish.

this product it's also skin-face safe and baby-skin safe, which means everyone can use it!

the main ingredient is chamomile herb: this herb it's excellent for calming and soothing sensitive skin, has anti-inflammatory properties (great for acne and breakout prone skin), reduce skin redness, also acts like anti-aging agent boosting your cells regeneration process and fighting against environments stressors.

While the coconut oil it's a light type of oil that hydrate+ smoothed deeply and absorbs quickly into the skin without giving you that greasy feeling. Also help protects skin from environments toxins. Another ingredient to find in this serum it's the sweet almond oil: The healthy fats in almond oil help to maintain skin hydration by keeping the skin barrier intact.

*DIRETCIONS: Shake before applying to activate ingredients. Apply desire amount all over your body or face.                              NOTE: You may see some tiny chamomile Fleeks in the serum due to natural sources.

other ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, bisabolol natural, btms25 optiphen

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