Berrylicious Foaming Sugar Body Scrub & Whipped Body Butter


It’s time to get pampered!

This Duo will make you a healthy, fresh, soft and glowing looking skin.


Step #1: Berrylicious Foaming Sugar Body Scrub: this scrub will remove dead skin bringing out a new healthy, fresh, soft and glowing looking skin.

Step #2: Berrylicious Whipped Body Butter: this Butter will leave your skin super hydrate-soft and smelling fresh without feeling greasy. Our main ingredient is unrefined Shea Butter. Why unrefined Shea Butter? Because has the higher level of antioxidants, vitamin A, E and is chemical free than the refined Shea Butter. during the process of refining the Shea butter half of the natural nutrients get lost in this process, the refined Shea butter is still moisturizing but you don’t receive the same healing and beautifying properties as the raw shea butter offers to the skin. So, we tried you to get the most possible benefit of our product give you the best ingredient out there!

Tried it and you won’t regret it!

Unrefined Shea Butter Benefits: Boost collagen production and increase circulation while promoting skin cell regeneration, do to their higher concentration of antioxidants also will help fight aging skin symptoms.

Mango Butter: this butter has healing properties, promote skin repair and provide skin protection. It helps itchy and dry skin, cleanse skin, help with stretch marks.

Sweet Almond Oil: keep your skin cells healthy, help you skin looking soft, repair chapped and irritated skin, also help you protect from UV radiation damage.

Argan Oil: this oil has anti-sebum effect, meaning they could help reduce or regulated the amount of sebum in the skin, also has antioxidants properties helping the skin protecting it from radical damage caused by the sun.

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